Sneak preview: virtual visit in VR Showroom

Showcasing the products of Wuerth Elektronik in a VR showroom

Würth Elektronik illustrates Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)

WIRELESS POWER TRANSFER COILS WE-WPCC offer the best performance with highest Q-factor and lowest RDC values. Standardized coils, according to Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), and other off-the-shelf components from 50 mW to 200 W are available. Customized solutions for wireless power coils up to 11 kW are possible. This results in the industry‘s broadest portfolio of wireless power transfer coils.

REDFIT IDC – SKEDD Connector from Würth Elektronik eiSos

REDFIT IDC is a solderless reversible direct plug-in connector with SKEDD technology and insulation displacement connection. The SKEDD contacts are plugged directly into the plated through-holes of a PCB.

REDCUBE Terminals – Innovative High Power Contacts

REDCUBE terminals are the most reliable high-power contacts on the PCB level. Low contact resistance guarantees minimum self-heating. Four different designs cover all leading processing technologies and offer a wide range of applications.

MagI³C Power Modules – Magnetic Integrated Intelligent IC

Würth Elektronik eiSos offers high density state of the art MagI³C Power Modules. The video starts from a discrete DC/DC converter and shows how components are integrated into a module. Features and their benefits are explained. MagI³C Power Modules reduce board space, save design time and reduce design complexity while offering easy compliance to EMI norms.

WE-MPSB – Multilayer Power Suppression BeadWE-MPSB – Multilayer Power Suppression Bead

The WE-MPSB series is the world’s first ferrite bead that specifies how it performs under high current transients. This unique bead protects and extends the life of your application. It features an ultra-low RDC which delivers the lowest self-heating in its class at high currents. The WE-MPSB is ideal for DC/DC applications requiring high efficiency.


Light strike race

Wuerth Electronik Group: 3D clip for the launch of their new product category capacitors. As one of the leading manufactories and suppliers of electronic components, the Wuerth Elektronic Group approached Studio Deussen to conceptualize and produce a 3D video clip for the launch of their new product category



In close co-operation with Wuerth Elektronik Group Studio Deussen and its team set out to re-define the way electronic components are presented and marketed in the electronic industry


Peter Harvey, Split Box

Known for his minimalistic design Peter Harvey contacted Studio Deussen to conceive and produce a video clip for him, that could capture the lightness and elegance that is at the core of the aesthetics expressed by his products


Otis: The elevator company

For the Otis Elevator Company Studio Deussen created a clip that spans a visual bridge between past and contemporary technology. Showing the ease of replacing one by the other and highlighting the advantages newest technology brings to the client.


True Fever

Teut and Coco are like Rock & Roll. To capture their sensual, raw and honest rock we shoot a series of live performance images. We then went into a studio session to capture the atmosphere of glamour that surrounds them

Trio Galil

When the clarinet player Nur Ben Shalom told me about Trio Galil, I bowed before the historic dimension the trio reached for with their music.

General Elektriks

On his new album “To be a stranger” Hervé Salters takes the audience on a funky musical journey. To accompany that journey with photos that we took in Berlin on the Tempelhofer field and in my studio was a pleasure. For me there is nothing better than to work with people that have a sparkling creativity as Hervé does


In the age of digital photography many photographers have shifted their focus from the world of what may be photographed to merely adjusting the screws of the Pixel.


These homeless' portraits where taken in New York in 1993 in collaboration with the American photographer Brian Woods. In the early 90s there where many homeless people living in New York. Most of them preferred the anonymity of the big city over the greater US, where they would have been hassled and sent away by police more often.


The photos of the series “Protocolls” are inspired by book “Vernehmungsprotokolle” by the author Juergen Fuchs who was jailed and interrogated in the secret prison of the Stasi in East Berlin in 1977. Fuchs was one of the key figures in the peaceful revolution in Germany that lead to the fall of the Berlin wall 1989. In order to break his free will the Stasi took from him his most precious tool of expression: his pencil and paper.