Series of street photography.

Project Description:

In the age of digital photography many photographers have shifted their focus from the world of what may be photographed to merely adjusting the screws of the Pixel. Everything seems possible, but the flood of  possibilities holds the danger of annihilating  what once photographers at the beginning of the last century such as Alfred Stieglitz, Walter Evans ,  Alexander  Rodchenko , August Sander and - more recently - a new old -master, Horst Schäfer, all understood as one  of the essential elements  of  photography - namely the quest for the image.

This is the quest undertaken by me in the series of photographs here presented. In my world roaming travels I was looking out for brief moments-exciting angles, plays of light in which the essence of the photographic is revealed. The situations in which moments of the most stunning photographic beauty are found can be as every-day as a visit to a Pleasure Park in Denmark in which I took the picture: “Kopenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2011”.   What on first sight looked to me like a dark unappealing pedestrian underpass, showed itself to the photographic eye as a reflection of ever changing forms.  As people passed through the tunnel and the light changed, their reflections flowed into each like an eternal fountain of images.   In my photographic quest it is the every-day aspect of the material world from which dreams arise.

In the more than a hundred  years  since  photography embarked  on modern times, devoted to life and reality so as to seize them with its own vision, it has lost nothing of its power and fascination.  In my quest I go back to the roots of photography as far as I can to release the potential that a photographic perspective on the world can disclose. Yet my photos by no means stand still at the point at which it all began.  Photography is alive, it happens here and now.  With each breath of the shutter it inhales the fresh air of reality empowering us to discover the beauty that secretly lies hidden behind it`s rough surface.

Yet, photography is not a naive search for beauty. It`s based on the awareness of the suffering and cruelty that mankind can evoke on each other, like it is reflected in the photos of the great Sebastian Salgado.  In all those brutal manifestations that wars, hunger, suppression, environmental disasters can have, it is ever more important to not lose sight of the potential it bears to awake the beauty that is within us and the world.  If it would not be for beautiful moments, for people that live in freedom, for people that care for each other and the world, then live would make no sense to me and I would not take any more pictures.

But as long as the world offers beauty to my eyes I will explore the manifold possibilities of photography afresh.  Each “click” of the camera is a “yes” to the world.  It say`s: look at it!  It`s possible: there is wonder, aesthetics, beauty.  In doing so my work covers a wide range from the apparently documentary picture, to abstract composition in which the documentary moment condenses into an abstract play of light and forms.

The photographic position maintained by me as an image - seekers is directed to reality. It is closely allied to it, -plays with its potentials and marvels at the visible - invisible surprises which reality can hold for the photographer at every corner and at every second, and which he can absorb with the reflection of the camera. The images in this series are like an answer to an appeal to venture out into the world and discover its visual secrets.

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