Trio Galil

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Project Description:

When the clarinet player Nur Ben Shalom told me about Trio Galil, I bowed before the historic dimension the trio reached for with their music.  Through research the trio had found music sheets of composers that died during the holocaust.  They took those old dusty sheets of music out of their dark cabinets and through their play filled them with new light.  That set the stage to take their portraits in an old abandoned concert hall, filled by their lively presence.  It inspired the concept of high contrast lighting that reaches from the darkness of the past to the light of today. The lighting reference back to 1920 light set-up used in old black and white movies.  A time in history where the thriving Jewish culture, was the best that Germany could over.

Client: Trio Galil.

Skills: On Location, High contrast lighting styles of the 1920

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